Welcome to Jokamamo Textiles

DSC05992Jokamamo Textiles is an innovative company dedicated to bringing the art of craft back into the textile industry.

All our hand-dyed fabrics are made using high quality 100% cotton fabrics and are dyed using Procion MX Dyes.

They have been rigoroursly rinsed and washed at 100 deg celcius and will not run or bleed so there is no need to prewash. The cotton is of a high thread count and will not fray easily and so makes it perfect for needle applique work and work that is to be fused as well as general patchwork.

We make a range of hand-dyed fabrics, including:

  • Rainbow colours ranging from yellow to orange to red to purple to blue to green in clear dark and muted dark colours
  • Shibori dyes – where the fabric is folded or scrunched onto a pipe and dyed
  • Tie dyed fabrics – where different parts of the fabric are dyed in different ways
  • Ice dyed fabrics – where the dye is applied to ice to produce a crystal effect.

What are distressed fabrics?

Distressed fabrics are fabrics that have been rusted, roasted, discharged and sometimes overdyed. This can give the fabric a beautiful worn or used look.